Love letter for Kenya...


An intimidating and faraway land to many, untouchable in its vastness, wild from its heart, where weakness stumbles and survival requires strength. A land with a resounding heartbeat, a soulful spirit, where beauty is illuminated. The pulsating beat of the African drum lives all around you.  When you hear that soulful beat, you could be anywhere in the world, spirits ignite, and the music carries you home, where your senses are engulfed with the sights and smells of this special land. 

Africa has a vibration, a racing pulse, a living energy which can only be felt. You have to experience it to truly know its sensation! I remember the hot African sun on my skin and the cool mysterious nights that followed with whispers of history and wonder. Africa can be relentless and unforgiving, yet so sensationally beautiful and nurturing in the same breath. The silence and serenity of Africa’s giants, the elephants as they move gracefully in their herds, their eyes always sparkling with the truest and most profound love. Raw. Exciting. Soulful.

The animals run free and wild in their vast grasslands. The colours of the sunrise and sunset so vibrant and clear, painting the sky in reds, pinks and orange, showing the world its golden glow. A place where if you want to ever believe in magic, it is here, in the winds, in the currents, in its heart!

Chica by Choy is influenced by nature, and inspired by Kenya. As well as love for the different cultures and styles. Being able to be a safari chic as well as a tropical beach bum. Safari meets fashion, meets boho chic... need i say more.

Asante Sana