Jewellery - We highly recommend to avoid lotion, hairspray and other cosmetics to be in contact with your jewellery and accessories. Please remember to avoid exposing your jewellery and accessories to water, salt, chlorine and other chemicals - especially the designs with freshwater pearls. Please do not wear your jewellery and accessories while sleeping, doing sports or in contact with water. To clean, use lemon juice or ideally vinegar as there may be a slight chance of tarnish. Please store your jewellery and accessories in a dry room (box).

Leather Care - Leather products can not be cleaned with water or solvents. Leather absorbs water thus leaving stains, so protect your bag or Sundowner cases from being overexposed to the rain. If your products does get wet or damp, dry it with a soft cloth without rubbing it, and leave it in a ventilated area. Do not leave your leather bag in contact with other types of leather, plastic or nylon as their colour can be absorbed by your leather bag causing indelible stains. Some kinds of leather, such as suede and nubuck can lose some of their colour if in contact with clothes, hence by we suggest you take special care. Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light in order to prevent any colour alterations or fading. Damp can cause mould so we suggest you keep your bag in a cool and dry place.