Anja's Barefoot Sandal - Pearl & Gold

Chica By Choy LTD

Anja's Barefoot Sandal - Pearl & Gold

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This Chica X Anja Collection is inspired by my glamorous Oma, Anja, who created and wore these effortlessly beautiful 'Barefoot sandals' to bring chic to the beach. In memory of my Oma, Anja, we have created these beautiful Barefoot sandals in various colours and styles, so that you can be chic at the beach too! 

  • All pieces are handmade with glass beads, (gold and silver beads are gold and silver plated), with love by Choy in England. 
  • All pieces are sold in singles
  • Can be worn in chlorine and salt water.
  • Glass faux pearls may fade with wear.
  • Over stretching can lead to breaking. 
  • Can be worn with flip-flops/sandals too
  • One sizes fits all